Monday, May 21, 2007

God Rocks: A Weekly Miracle Story

Being a Seventh Day Adventist, I get a a 24 hour "vacation" from all work every week from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. However the activities preparing for this mini vacation can get kinda hectic sometimes. One Friday late afternoon, when the kids were little, the dryer belt broke. We didn't have much money and the church clothes were in the washer. I think I can do anything, so I went and bought a new belt. I struggled with it for an hour before I realized if I didn't get it on soon the sun would be down and we would be out of luck. I prayed that God would not let Satan win and ruin my "sabbath". I called the place I got the belt, and the guy there was so nice he talked me through the entire process. I was also able to get all the clothes dried before sunset so we could have our weekly rest and time to spend with God.

Sometimes my Staurday mornings are hectic and I cant find things I need before church starts. Everytime I pray about it my eye or hand goes almost directly to the thing I need.

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