Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Sounds I love ed 6

Thirteen Things about sounds I love to hear

1. The sound of crickets in the night
2. The sound of a heavy rainfall
3. The sound of my hubby singing
4. The sound of my children laughing
5. The sound of cows, horses and roosters (in the distance)
6. The sound of a train (in the distance)
7. The sound of Chris Tomlin’s music
8. The sound of Scott Dyer’s music
9. The sound of a Cello
10. The sound of the ocean
11. The sound of a baby cooing
12. The sound of Vivaldi’s music
13. The sound of quiet

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Anonymous said...

All good sounds. Baby laughing too.

Anonymous said...

The majority of these sounds are "right on" for your mom. And I love the addition that Staci said--a baby laughing.