Saturday, December 01, 2012

God Rocks: Answer to prayer

God always answers our prayers, so I prefer to see what his answer is rather than ask if he answered or not. God always has 3 answers: Yes, No and Wait. He seems to love to give me the "Wait" answer. This last week was a great "Yes" answer to prayer. I had moved into a house that has a very small entry to the kitchen. So small that the fridge had to be lifted on its side over the bar. The next morning we found out the fridge was not cooling. Further internet searches found that fridges cannot be put on their side at all. The oil runs into the coolant tubes and ruins them. So as instructed we left it unplugged for 24 hours and plugged back in. Nothing. Then unplugged for a week with still no results, so we had it lifted back out of the kitchen and put in garage. We stacked 2 mini fridges and were trying to survive. A couple weeks later when the situation was getting really frustrating, I decided to pray for the fridge to be fixed. I plugged it in and then went to bed. The next morning I was out in the garage with my Dad refinishing the kitchen table and I remember the fridge. So I said "Lets see what God's answer is". I opened the fridge and freezer and they were ice cold!!!!! So thankful for a loving heavenly Father that cares even about the things that make us comfortable on this earth! 

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